BGI is committed to developing and producing innovative and functional accessories for board games and those who play them.

We have seen the tremendous creativity that many of you have shown in creating add-ons and player aids for the games you love. Until recently you were limited to the generosity of the community to post files, instructions, and materials lists for the talented DIYer or the brave at heart (but maybe not so safe in the workshop), to tackle . We believe that you would rather be playing the games you love instead of chopping up foam core, or re-purposing the lid of a pizza box to help make your gaming experience better.

Why BGI doesn’t make Backer Boards, yet….

Backer Boards are very popular.  The main attraction is being able to lift your entire player mat, pieces and all and move it from point A to point B without having to clear it off.  That leaves the question, why doesn’t BGI make backer boards for our overlays? The answer?  We’re stubborn.  backer boards have […]

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