Thanks Dad!


Board games are all about spending time together.  This weekend, while we are celebrating Father’s Day, we’d like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers, Dad’s Papa’s and Father figures out there.

Two very important men in my life taught me a lot about playing games.  My father always believed that you should win on your merits, or not at all.  Our first lesson, when we were still in Elementary school was a poker game where he won all our spending money, and kept it.  I knew when I won a game that Dad was playing, that I had earned the win.

My husband, he is a gamer on a level I never knew existed until I married him.  He taught our daughter using board games.  It’s amazing what you can teach, math, social skills, reading, history, but most of all patience.  There were arguments, accusations of cheating, tears when she lost, and cheers when she won.  She’s grown now, but when she comes home on Game Night she’ll still sit down and play.

It brings a family together around the table, and Dad’s are a big part of that.  So, this week, use the coupon thanksdad and get 15% off our accessories to help #controlyourcubes while having family game night.