Anniversary Sale!


It’s our Anniversary!

Board Game Innovation has been in business for four years this week.

In April of 2013 my husband was diving head first back into his love of gaming. He had been a packaging designer/inventor for more than two decades when Multiple Sclerosis forced him to leave on disability. If any of you out there are designers, you know, you can’t just stop. On good days he would hit up the local Tech Shop and work out ideas from his notebook (a new friend due to cognitive issues), or project requests from friends.

Then Tech Shop closed. Roger was upset about the loss of community and friends he had made there, but he was also upset about an opportunity to be able to feel productive on a schedule that fit his disease process. We had a long talk at home about what we would do. I also have multiple disabilities, autoimmune disorders. However, we had a teenage daughter who was complaining about the lack of jobs, and people asking if we were going to sell our overlays.

Close up Friday
Robinson Crusoe Health Tracker Overlays were our first Product.

In late June of 2013 we jumped in with both feet and formed Board Game Innovation, BGI for short. We bought an industrial laser and set up shop. My daughter Shannon and I started as a partnership. She was the hard work behind the business, and I have done what I can with the rest. In 2015 Shannon became a silent partner eventually leaving the business completely to work full time teaching Tai Kwon Do. We have several amazing employees who do all the heavy lifting and laser operation. In 2016 BGI became an LLC, and I’m proud to say we are owned and operated entirely by women.

Now in June of 2017, we celebrate 4 years making Overlays and helping the Board Game Community to #controlyourcubes.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this great community! In Gratitude we’re having a sale, look for the green SALE circle throughout our website!