New Products! Istanbul & Mothership!


We’ve added two new overlays to our catalog this week.    First is an overlay for Mothership: Tabletop Combat. This overlay is made from 3mm clear cast acrylic.

closeup of mothership overlay setup

As with all of our overlays, this overlay is made to control your bits and organize your player mat.  Our overlays are also made to assist those with fine motor coordination issues.  The Mothership overlay for example, keeps the discs raised at an angle so the player can curl their finger around the disk making it easy to grasp without moving other bits on the board.  This is an aid to players who have trouble grasping objects with a low/flat profile due to strength , hand spasms or just really short fingernails.


Our second new overlay is the Pegasus Depot for the Pegasus Depot Mini Expansion

This overlay is also made from 3mm clear cast acrylic. It comes with 6 slots made to hold the wood cubes.

Pegasus depot showing brown backing peeled back.
Close up of the corner of Pegasus Depot with brown paper backing peeled back.

The Pegasus Depot joins our other overlays for Istanbul, the Wheelbarrow, Location overlays, Coffee House, and Coffee Rack.  They can also all be purchased as a bundle for 10% off the individual purchase price.