Why BGI doesn’t make Backer Boards, yet….


Backer Boards are very popular.  The main attraction is being able to lift your entire player mat, pieces and all and move it from point A to point B without having to clear it off.  That leaves the question, why doesn’t BGI make backer boards for our overlays?

The answer?  We’re stubborn.  backer boards have flaws.  We do the best to always put out the most structurally sound, precision measured and cut overlays.

What’s wrong with existing backer boards?  First and foremost, they are permanent or semi-permanent.  Your player mat is sealed between two layers of wood, acrylic or some combination of the two.  You may wonder what could be the issue with that, it’s what you wanted when you bought the overlay with a backer board.  There are several issues.

  1. Rub. If the overlay is not tight enough the player mat will move around and the two layers will rub against the overlay creating wear, and affecting the artwork.
  2. Spills.  Spills happen.  More often at some tables than at others.  If you spill on a player mat inside an overlay sealed with a backer board there is no real way to completely dry it off.  You will have warping and potentially mold if you can not dry the underside.  More-so if your overlay is made of wood which will absorb the liquid. Crumbs and dust can also gather between the player mat and the overlay.
  3. Weight and Volume.  Overlays add weight and volume to the game box.  It’s important to note that a backer board will double the volume and more than double the weight of an overlay due to the lack of cutouts.  Is there space in the box for the number of overlays you want, plus backer boards, and will the box close?  Does it bother you if it does not close?  Do you mind storing your overlays separately from your game?

We are developing ways to solve these issues.  Once it is perfected, we will be adding backer boards to our line-up.  Until then, we won’t sell you something we wouldn’t use ourselves.

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