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Latest Post: Veteran’s Day

This weekend we will celebrate Veteran’s Day in the United States.  Though we are always grateful for their service, for time spent away from family, and for risk to life and limb, on November 11 we make special note to remember to say it out loud.  To all who have served, no matter how long, […]

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Latest Post: Why BGI doesn’t make Backer Boards, yet….

Backer Boards are very popular.  The main attraction is being able to lift your entire player mat, pieces and all and move it from point A to point B without having to clear it off.  That leaves the question, why doesn’t BGI make backer boards for our overlays? The answer?  We’re stubborn.  backer boards have […]

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Latest Post: Cast vs Extruded Acrylic? What are your overlays made of?

When you look at the descriptions of our acrylic overlays, you’ll see terms such as Clear Cast Acrylic or Clear Extruded Acrylic.  What is the difference?  Why do we use different types of acrylic?  Is one type better than the other?  What should you look for when purchasing acrylic overlays? Cast and Extruded acrylic are […]

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Latest Post: New Products! Istanbul & Mothership!

We’ve added two new overlays to our catalog this week.    First is an overlay for Mothership: Tabletop Combat. This overlay is made from 3mm clear cast acrylic. As with all of our overlays, this overlay is made to control your bits and organize your player mat.  Our overlays are also made to assist those with […]

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Latest Post: Anniversary Sale!

It’s our Anniversary! Board Game Innovation has been in business for four years this week. In April of 2013 my husband was diving head first back into his love of gaming. He had been a packaging designer/inventor for more than two decades when Multiple Sclerosis forced him to leave on disability. If any of you […]

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Latest Post: Thanks Dad!

Board games are all about spending time together.  This weekend, while we are celebrating Father’s Day, we’d like to say Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers, Dad’s Papa’s and Father figures out there. Two very important men in my life taught me a lot about playing games.  My father always believed that you should […]

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Latest Post: New Website!

We hope you are enjoying the new look here at BGI! So far the transfer has been relatively smooth. There is an issue with account login. Please bear with us while we find the fix. If you have trouble accessing your account, send me a note at and we’ll get you the information you […]

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Latest Post: Memorial Day & a New Website

Memorial Day Wishes We would like to wish everyone a safe Memorial day full of Family and BBQ. We’d also like to personally take this time remember those who have lost their lives fighting for their country and the families who still stand behind that sacrifice. As an ongoing thank you to those currently in […]

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Latest Post: Happy Valentine’s Day from BGI!

Happy Valentines Day! We love Terraforming Mars; and hope you do too. So from now until February 28th we are going to be sharing the love with you! Use Coupon Code “LoveMars” and get .75cents (US) off of each Terraforming Mars Overlay! *Does not apply to shipping, taxes or VAT. Expires February 28, 2017.

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Latest Post: BGI featured in “To The Table Reviews”!

Thanks to Dave from To the Table Reviews for including us in his Roundup on ways to pimp out your board games!  I’d tell you all about it, but I’ll let Dave’s video do the talking for me!

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