Our Board Game Trackers, Overlays and Trays are made from acrylic and wood. These overlays help to keep your cubes and bits in place while you play.

  • Play aggressively
  • Play with your kids
  • Have a few drinks
  • Let the cat into the room
  • Play with your friend who needs everything lined up perfectly
  • Assist those with special needs in gaming.

If you’ve ever ended a game unsure of the real winner because someone knocked their pieces off the player board you need our overlays. If you’ve ever shied away from playing a game with kids because they can’t keep their bits in the right spot, you need our trackers.

With our overlays in play:

  • You always know which and how many of your pieces are in play – everything is organized.
  • If you knock your player mat, the pieces move IN their slots, and slide back with the overlay, no guessing.
  • Playing with children becomes easier with slots – once your piece is in place, it doesn’t move until you move it.

Our overlays are also made with accessibility in mind.  You might have a friend or family member with arthritis, spacial reasoning disorders, or an issue with fine motor coordination.  Having a frame around the pieces can aid with these issues.

  • Small pieces can be easier to pick up when pushed against the frame
  • Organized bits are easier to track, count, and process for people with learning disabilities
  • Having specific slots with hard edges assists children with understanding the rolls and different meaning of the player pieces and the need for separation. It also facilitates counting for younger children.

If you have any questions about if an overlay fits your specific need, or if it can be modified for your special need, please contact us using our contact page or live chat.  We believe in inclusive gaming, and we’d like to help everyone game.


Customers say:

“The overlay was precise, and the mechanism to handle the variations for Mermaids etc.. was ingenious. I hate those times when somebody accidentally bumps the table and the pieces slide across the board. This was perfect for that situation. No more remembering was I on level 1,2 or 3 of terrain development, or shipping, etc… “

“Comes handy to avoid moving health Cube by mistake.”

The carts not holding the produce has always been a gripe of mine with Cinque Terra since it takes away from the theme (and sometimes leads to forgotten deliveries). So I jumped at the chance when this low-cost fix came out! I wasn’t disappointed. Recommended to all Cinque Terra owners.

“Must have for all pirates!! These acrylic frames are perfect way to keep your cubes in order, which tend to move around while sailing around Caribbean.”