Cytosis Virus Expansion Tracker


Cytosis is a worker placement game, designed by John Coveyou. When you are busy building a cell, you don’t want an accidental player mat bump to interrupt your play.  Our overlays will keep prevent accidental movement of antibodies, and organize your workers, atp and macromolecule resources.  (Sold individually)



Cytosis Virus Expansion Trackers are:

  • Made from 3mm clear cast acrylic.
  • Have three Immune Response Tracks for preventing unintentional movement of antibodies.
  • Have 3 wells, one each for Workers, ATP, and Macromolecule Resources.
  • Will come with brown protective paper on both sides to prevent scratches in transit.
  • Is sold individually to allow you to purchase the number of overlays appropriate to your gaming group.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 5.601 x 4.342 x .12 in


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